Daughter Kelly Lynn Waters enlisted our participation in an interesting event recently on our vacation. She wanted us to attend with her the annual MEGACON event for Anime, the Japanese cartoon and gaming arts, held in Orlando Florida.

Our choice of theme for the event was to dress in urban camo, and wear patches denoting our interest in the two most popular video and PC game genre, The Incredibles, and Half-Life2. As you can see we obliged.

My video gaming history goes back into the seventies at the earliest stages of the emerging industry. I played them all. As time allowed I continued to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology, game play, simulations, virtual reality imagery and the application of computing power in pursuit of, well, just fun. We also indulged in some of Disney's newest virtual arcade wonders. Trust me when I say that you no longer need to ride ON a rollercoaster. You can ride IN a simulated one and get even more thrills that you can get in the outdoors.  

We were approached by many gaming enthusists of all ages to take our photos with them because of our arm patches choices and costumes. It turns out we had picked the two most popular video and PC-based games. Further, we learned that for the Half-Life2 game, 10% are in our age bracket. Sat next to a really enthusistic player who was our senior who seemed thrilled by our acknowledgement of the game.

You can share in the photos below and gain some comfort from knowing that there are places you can go where the normal people are in fact the ones wearing the costumes.   

Betty, Kelly and Sandy Waters

 The Dynamic Trio Of Gamesters at MEGACON in costume.


Betty and some new found friends.


Sandy and those same new friends (their suits were much warmer than ours).


And then there are some people where there just is no explanation.


More from the team with Disney adventures later..... Stay tuned.