This man is actually smiling, not smirking. He is smiling because he knows that experiences gained do you no good unless and until you apply them to the fullest. He does just that.
Sandy Waters is an unconventional business professional. With a background in laboratory instrumentation development, he learned the value of analytics, methodologies, and the power of connecting the dots from multiple points to find answers.
Applying the years of creative product and service development focused on a precise identification of an audience, extracting and understanding their needs, and focusing on develping and delivering to those needs, he has been extremely effective and successful. He has replicated his success repeatedly solving problems in domestic and international markets, ensuring that localization of needs, compliance with regulatory requirements, sales, marketing, and support were refined to produce customer satisfaction.  
As further affirmation of his uniqueness he is one of the few individuals who worked inside the Federal Government, defining the needs of eclectic yet demanding audiences, and providing them with solutions that exceeded their requirements. It is uncommon to find someone who has sold to the government internally as well as externally, and done well with both perspectives.