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Most business goals are related to growth, profitability, market share, or essentially sailing through smooth waters. But any and all organizations benefit from proper planning prior to setting sail to ensure safe passage to their desired destination.


Smart companies have questions about whether their portfolios of products and services, and their sales channel choices, are optimzed to meet the needs of their clients. Small and start up companies find that they are often expertise constrained and require supplemental assistance with strategic and business planning. Larger and mid-sized companies often have the need for expertise with tactical planning to respond to market dynamics, the threats from competitors, and the need to enhance their alliances and channel strategies.


To meet these needs SW Consulting emerged as a source for independent and objective assessments, and to report back with creative recommendations and strategies to affect change and to chart better business results.

Performing several assessments for clients led to the observation that for several years companies internally build up an inertia and appear to sailing through smooth waters such that they feel comfortable with their progress, and then suddenly their business hits rough waters and the reasons are not immediately apparent.

For start up and early development companies the lessons learned from others are formalized and shared with them, with an emphasis on the strategic planning process to understand their options, and to plan to prepare the company for as many of those rough weather and rocky shoals as possible to satisfy their customers, employees and investors.

What We Do

SW Consulting offers assistance to aid in providing portions of the 360 degree view of your company, or of the products and services in your portfolio. Some of the tough questions tackled through exploration and assessments are;  

  • Do you have the right plans - Strategic, tactical, business planning
  • Do you have the right products and services - Product and services portfolio assessments
  • Do you have the right customers - Customer assessments for targets and "fit"
  • Do you have the right channels/alliances/partnerships - Distribution health checkup
  • What is not working - Forensic investigation of poor sales performance
  • Market Intelligence - What is the market trying to tell you that you may have overlooked
  • Doing business with governments - Start, enhance and expand your business run rate with governments at Federal, State and Local levels


Examples of Industries SW Consulting has experince with.

  • Applications Development, software tools
  • Business Continuity, Market and Resource Planning
  • Content Management 
  • Customer Management
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Government at Federal, State, Local levels
  • Healthcare
  • International
  • Market Research and consulting 
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Networking
  • Outsourcing
  • Public Safety
  • Professional services
  • Telecom and wireless


So if you need a fresh view of your business from different perspectives you need to call SW Consulting. We can help with the minimization of the unknown and navigate to places you want to be.

While we may not be able to eliminate all the rough sailing you might encounter, we can help you to identify and reduce the potential negative impacts, and make sure your travels are headed in the direction you want.

Call today to avoid troubled waters (pun intended).

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